Engine Blueprinting

How we build


AG AutoSports takes pride in the quality of our engine builds, but few are aware of the extensive process a properly assembled high performance engine should go through.

The AG AutoSports builds are measured to our specifications to utilize each product, fastener, seal and pin to the pinnacle of performance. On the premises AG AutoSports has the tools to precisely measure journal clearances, bores, and engine components with an accuracy of +/-0.0019” (about the width of a human hair). With these tools the we are able to build extremely reliable high performance engines. This also allows for our clients to drive their cars daily without sacrificing luxuries like Air Conditioning. To date we have only built one car (an 1100hp evo) that did not retain the air conditioning due to the front mounted turbo kit. 

After initial assembly and installation all engines are road tested for performance and durability. Using this service model we can figure out what changes need to be made to make the engines perform as optimal as possible.






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