King Colt

King Colt

Dan’s AWD Mitsubishi Colt build began in August 2017. AG Autosports began building the 4g63 engine with a goal to be the World’s Fastest Mitsubishi Colt. Summer 2017 AG Autosports traveled to Ohio to attend the Buschur Shootout and debut Dan’s Colt. Right off the trailer with Dan piloting, the King Colt made a impressive ET pass of 9.89 @ 154 MPH.

Fast forward 1 year. Dan’s persistent mindset to accomplish his goal was evident. After countless days, fixing broken drive-train parts from testing on the 1/4 mile and long sleepless nights on the AWD Dynojet with Crispeed punching away at the keyboard. King Colt made well over 1200 Horse Power to the wheels with the wheels spinning on the dyno.

September 2018 Dan accomplished his goal of being the World’s First Mitsubishi Colt CSM Chassis to enter the 7 second zone!

Owner / Driver: Daniel Okerman
60 Ft:
1/8 Mile: 5.30 @ 139 MPH
ET: 7.96 @ 186 MPH

Engine Build
  • AG-Spec 2.0 Liter 6-Bolt 4g63 Wet Block using No O-Rings
  • AG-Spec Aluminum Rods with AG-Spec Wiseco Pistons
  • Stock 4g63 Crank
  • Stock Oil Pump & Oil pan
  • Stock OEM Cylinder head
  • AG-Spec Cams
  • Magnus Intake manifold
  • 8 Siemens Injectors
Forced Induction
Fabrication & Suspension

“King Colt” by That Racing Channel

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